Adaro Land

Adaro Land is a strategic land asset and infrastructure company that supports the growth and operational sustainability of the Adaro Group’s businesses. Adaro Land’s tasks include management of land assets, properties and other assets, development and construction of supporting infrastructures, land reclamation and rehabilitation, and management of forestry assets.

Adaro Land, through PT Adaro Persada Mandiri (APM), has five business segments, namely land management services, asset operation and development, agribusiness and plantation, land reclamation and rehabilitation, and management of forestry assets. Each of this business segments strives to improve the quality of services provided for the Adaro Group as part of APM’s transformation into becoming a strategic support pillar for the operations of Adaro Group.

PT Hutan Amanah Lestari

PT Hutan Amanah Lestari (HAL) is a holder of business license for utilization of carbon absorption (Izin Usaha Pemanfaatan Penyerapan dan/atau Penyimpanan Karbon (IUP PAN/RAP Karbon)) to implement Adaro Group’s energy and greenhouse gas policies. One of the key area for development under the Adaro Land pillar is rehabilitation and forestry segment, where the company has forest areas capable of absorbing CO2 emissions.

As one of the largest holders of IUP PAN/RAP Karbon concessions in Indonesia, HAL expects its carbon trading business, once operational, to be its main business. In 2020 HAL continued with its activity to record periodic inventory of forest carbon, to be used as baseline data for carbon trading.

PT Alam Sukses Lestari

PT Alam Sukses Lestari (ASL) is another company under Adaro Land pillar that implements Adaro Group’s energy and greenhouse gas policies as ASL holds a business license to use timber product – ecosystem restoration in natural forest (Izin Usaha Pemanfaatan Hasil Hutan Kayu - Restorasi Ekosistem Dalam Hutan Alam (IUPHHK-RE). This permit allows restoration of forest ecosystem to achieve balanced biodiversity.

In 2020, ASL carried out activities in compliance with its obligation as an IUPHHK - RE holder and maintained its “Good” ranking for monitoring and evaluation (Monev).

PT Agri Multi Lestari

PT Agri Multi Lestari (AML) is an agribusiness arm of Adaro Land which aims to provide good quality organic fertilizers and seeds to support mining reclamation activities of coal mining companies under the Adaro Mining pillar. In addition to supporting post-mining activities, AML also conducts premining land activities to maintain land productivity.

In 2020, AML increased the production of seeds and organic fertilizers, both solid and liquid, to support AI’s reclamation activities. The use of organic fertilizers and seeds from AML is expected to reduce planting and maintenance costs in the reclamation project.

PT Rehabilitasi Lingkungan Indonesia

PT Rehabilitasi Lingkungan Indonesia (RLI) is a company under Adaro Land pillar that provides services in rehabilitation of watershed area and revegetation for mining reclamation project under the Adaro Mining pillar. To uphold the principle of good mining practices, companies under the Adaro Mining pillar are required to carry out mining reclamation and rehabilitation of watershed area as stipulated in the borrow to use forestry permit, and AI’s CCA.

RLI carried out revegetation activities at AI, and up until the end of 2020 had completed two projects with a total planted area of 270 ha. On the rehabilitation of watershed area projects, RLI has completed the planting of 5,196 hectares area as well as handed over rehabilitated area of 298 hectares to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

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