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Adaro Energy Indonesia’s strength is anchored on our robust business model: a vertically integrated coal supply chain, with subsidiaries involved in almost all aspects of our operations.

Adaro Energy Indonesia (AEI) has grown into a major energy producer with businesses in the coal mining and services, renewable and non-renewable energy, utilities, minerals, mineral processing and supporting infrastructure sectors run by subsidiaries. During its 30th anniversary celebration in 2022, the company reclassified its subsidiaries into three pillars of growth, namely Adaro Energy, Adaro Minerals and Adaro Green. This new structure will better accommodate the company’s expansion beyond coal by capturing growth opportunities in Indonesia’s green economy and aligning business strategies with the world’s needs.


The Adaro Group’s Three Pillars

Adaro Energy, the company’s largest business pillar, operates its pit to power supply chain from the main locations in Indonesian coal rich provinces of South and Central Kalimantan and Australia. The company’s flagship thermal coal products are produced by its largest subsidiary Adaro Indonesia and trademarked Envirocoal to represent the coal’s very low-pollutant characteristics, while its Australian coal operations produce premium hard coking coal from Queensland.  To support coal operations, the company has subsidiaries providing mining services and other services such as logistics, stevedoring, land management, water treatment and forestry. The endmost section of the Adaro Energy pillar is the power generation business, which comprises Adaro’s coal-fired power plants that supply power to Adaro coal operations and to PLN.

Adaro Minerals, the company’s second pillar, currently consists of metallurgical coal assets across the spectrum, from semisoft coking coal to premium-hard coking coal in Central Kalimantan and minerals and mineral processing businesses being prepared to operate in North Kalimantan. While not economical for power plant operations, the metallurgical coal is an important component in steel production. The mineral processing business is prepared to be an important part of Indonesia’s green economy.

Adaro Green is the company’s newest pillar that manifests its serious intention to take part in Indonesia’s green economy. Under this pillar, AEI is currently preparing renewable energy businesses through hydropower, wind power, and solar power projects to build bigger and greener Adaro.

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