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Adaro helped to fund the new Tabalong Islamic Center, a facility for Islamic culture and religious activities, which opened in 2013.

The region of the Adaro Group’s main operational location is rich with diverse traditional and unique cultures, so the revered heritage must be protected from extinction due to modernization. Therefore, the Adaro Group has been committed to supporting cultural preservation, which is manifested in the Adaro Ignites Diversity program. This program focuses on the community mentoring and skill development for promoting the potentials of local cultures and wisdoms while preserving the ancestors’ values.
In 2021, the Adaro Group mentored two tourism villages, i.e. Balida and Liyu villages, in Balangan regency, South Kalimantan. The mentoring aimed to help manage the village potentials such as cultural richness and natural sceneries in such as way that will improve the village economy.

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