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The COVID-19 pandemic hitting most parts of the world in 2020 has made the Adaro Group put its focus on the mitigation and handling of the pandemic in order to keep the business sustainable in the long run. This has also substantially impacted on the company’s CSR initiatives, since CSR is perceived to be one of the company’s channels to reach out to the communities surrounding the operational locations as well as wider audiences in the national level. The CSR programs, while previously were mainly oriented toward educational enhancement purposes through the Adaro Nyalakan Ilmu and Adaro Nyalakan Sejahtera pillars, were then modified to be more relevant to more urgent needs of the communities, in particular the stakeholders, i.e. proper and speedy handling of the COVID-19 pandemic through the Adaro Nyalakan Raga programs. However, it does not mean that the Adaro Nyalakan Ilmu programs were halted, instead, they were adjusted to be more in line with the condition resulted from the pandemic, such as by optimizing online methods, which complied with the health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic also brought about significant impact on the communities’ economic aspect in general, so that supports for the MSMEs became really essential to help them survive through the pandemic. Therefore, the Adaro Group provided incentives to optimize their resources in fulfilling its needs in COVID-19 handling, such as by getting them to produce and supply the group with the fabric masks.

Adaro Nyalakan Perubahan

The Adaro Group has formulated its CSR vision as reflected in its sustainability vision statement: “To achieve a prosperous, intelligent and independent society in a sustainable environment.”. This vision is supported with the following sustainability missions:

  • Empowering communities in an inclusive manner based on local potential and needs towards a society that is vibrant, productive and able to self-develop;
  • Supporting the sustainability of Adaro Group’s business by building and strengthening community-based institutions as agents of change in the fields of education, economy, health, socio-cultural and environment;
  • Building partnerships with stakeholders at both local and national level; and
  • Supporting the Government’s priority programs implemented in Adaro Group’s operational areas.

The Adaro Group’s CSR programs are implemented by building relationships on mutual trust and mutual benefits with the stakeholders to achieve the intended objectives. In the implementation approaches, the company prioritizes the ethical initiatives to create enhanced living standard of the communities. However, other approaches such as those of shared value chain are also pursued on the contexts perceived to be suitable and appropriate.

The Adaro Group strives to refine its CSR initiatives within the Adaro Nyalakan Perubahan pillar, which consists of five programs representing each focus: Adaro Nyalakan Ilmu, Adaro Nyalakan Sejahtera, Adaro Nyalakan Raga, Adaro Nyalakan Budaya, and Adaro Nyalakan Lestari. In 2020, the company spent Rp103 billion through the subsidiaries with the following breakdown: Adaro Nyalakan Ilmu: Rp64.6 billion; Adaro Nyalakan Sejahtera: Rp6.6 billion; Adaro Nyalakan Raga: Rp25.6 billion; Adaro Nyalakan Budaya: Rp5.7 billion; and Adaro Nyalakan Lestari: Rp0.7 billion.

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