Our Vacancies Career with Adaro Human Resource

The Company’s success depends heavily on the sense of ownership of every employee. Those with a strong sense will always care.

Human resource excellence is a part of our strategy to enhance the Adaro Group’s competitive advantages.

Alongside the expansive development of the Adaro Group’s eight business pillars – Adaro Mining, Adaro Services, Adaro Power, Adaro Logistics, Adaro Land, Adaro Water, Adaro Capital and Adaro Foundation, we aim to recruit, develop and retain the right people.

With our corporate culture based on our “I MORE” values – Integrity, Meritocracy, Openness, Respect, Excellence, we are preparing highly qualified future leaders, those who have excellent competencies in their respective areas as well as good potential and professional character.

Recruitment & Placement

We have formulated a full range of end-to-end strategies in performing this role, from recruiting the right people and then to place them in the right position, and to present well-defined career paths that lead employees to reach their highest potential, in which ultimately the company will have an adequate number of potential leaders within its succession plan.

People Development

We underline the role of people development programs carried out to strengthen the employees’ competence and leadership skills through relevant training programs, fire tests (testing an employee with a more challenging jobs), group-wide job rotations, mentoring, and so on.

The Adaro’s Winning Team

We remained consistently active in developing the careers of employees who are being groomed to be future leaders. All high-achieving employees with high competence and appropriate character are given the same opportunity to earn promotion to higher positions. The Adaro Group’s succession program involves the boards of directors at all our subsidiaries to ensure that the process is conducted objectively, and this initiative called “The Winning Team”.

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