Adaro Receives US$1 billion Commitment for Landmark 10 year Bank Loan

May 30, 2011, 1:14 pm | Admin

Adaro Indonesia, a principal subsidiary of Adaro Energy, today announced a landmark 10 year bank transaction of US$750 million. Announcing the transaction, the Group CFO David Tendian said, “we are very thankful to the key relationship banks who supported this transaction with a commitment of US$1 billion. This is the first 10 year corporate loan transaction in Indonesia and we are very thankful to our key relationship banks for the support they have provided”.


Another subsidiary of Adaro Energy, Saptaindra Sejati, a mining contracting company, completed a US$400 million 7 year loan transaction in February 2011, which also was the first ever corporate loan of that tenor in Indonesia. Adaro Indonesia completed a 10 year US$800 million bond offering in October 2009, which was the largest bond offering with a maturity of 10 years by an Indonesian corporate after the 1998 financial crisis.

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