Indonesia to continue to use fossil fuels during energy transition

April 7, 2022, 2:09 pm | Admin

The government has said that it will continue to use fossil energy to meet energy demand during the transition period since Indonesia is still in the process of realizing clean energy and net-zero emissions.

However, it has developed a road map for clean energy and net-zero emissions, which includes a scenario for the early retirement of coal-fired power plants, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources official Dadan Kusdiana informed.

"To minimize fossil utilization, we currently have reduced LPG consumption by providing alternative energy," he said during a G20 forum on ‘Ensuring People-Centered Transitions for All’ on Wednesday.

The government has created an LPG subsidy for the poor and replaced the subsidy scheme to make it more accurate, he informed.

Other programs that Indonesia is currently utilizing are biomass co-firing technology for coal-fired power plants and diesel power plant conversion using local renewable energy.

In addition, the government is also developing low carbon technology, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS or CCUS), to reduce emissions from oil and natural gas upstream activities.

"This comprehensive policy has been carried out to support the implementation of the energy transition," he explained.

Under the 2021–2030 Electricity Provision General Plan (RUPTL), the government has determined the portion for renewable energy at 51.6 percent and fossil energy at just 48.4 percent.

The RUPTL document has been issued so that Indonesia can reach the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and zero-emissions target.

"After 2030, electricity will only come from renewable energy such as the sun, wind, or ocean. Nuclear and hydrogen (-based power) will also be used in around 2031 and 2049," Kusdiana informed.

Earlier, Business 20's (B20's) Energy Sustainability and Climate Task Force had collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize a business meeting to present Indonesia's energy transition plan. 

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