Socio-Cultural Promotion

Supporting Community Cohesion

Adaro helped to fund the new Tabalong Islamic Center, a facility for Islamic culture and religious activities, which opened in 2013.

Culture is an important part of our community’s life. We believe respecting local culture and local wisdom will foster mutual trust and respect between Adaro Energy and the community, which in the long run will strengthen our operational foundation.

We thus aim to cultivate a good relationship with local communities by preserving and developing their traditional culture.

Being aware of a pressing need for Islamic religious facilities in the communities around our mine site at Tabalong, Adaro three years ago began constructing an Islamic Center there, and we were pleased to see it opened in 2013.

The building was planned to be a center for Islamic culture and religious activities for Tabalong and other neighboring districts, and consists of a grand mosque, hajj practice facility consisting of Tawaf, Jumroh and Sai, and other facilities to support Islamic evangelical activities.

Realizing that its successful use depends on management competency and dedication, Adaro began preparing its management team in mid-2011 in collaboration with the Tabalong community and Indonesian Council of Ulemas (Majelis Ulama Indonesia). This team now manages this iconic center in support of the vision of Tabalong district: “A healthy, intelligent and prosperous religion-based Tabalong.”

The Tabalong Ethnic Festival, held annually for the past three years, is expected to be one of country’s tourist attractions as it showcases the richness of Tabalong culture through dance, food, traditional costumes and cultural heritage. It has benefited the Tabalong community by strengthening its traditional culture and providing economic benefits.

In preparing for the launch of this event, members of the local community and volunteers conducted extensive research into the Dayak Deah tribe culture, and planned the event with the supervision of Adaro. We plan to continue to hold this event regularly and turn it into a tourist attraction that will foster the tourism industry and contribute to local economic growth.

Adaro also has a project under way to build a new hygenic traditional market and a multipurpose building in Paringin district. These facilities are expected to contribute to the social and economic growth of Balangan regency and the surrounding areas.

As a day-to-day expression of our intention to be both a good corporate citizen and a living part of the communities we touch, Adaro management and staff also involve themselves as much as possible through active participation in social activities such as religious activities during Ramadhan, Eid-ul Adha and on Social Solidarity Day.

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