Governance Sustainability

Adaro Ignites Diversity

Adaro helped to fund the new Tabalong Islamic Center, a facility for Islamic culture and religious activities, which opened in 2013.

Main program: Culture and Sport Activities

Objective: This program aims to strengthen the capacity and capability of the PICs of community institutions, traditional institutions, and village entities and encourage all community members to participate in conserving culture and tradition.

The Dayak tribes around the company’s locations have preserved their precious and unique culture and tradition for centuries. While being well appreciated even in the global scene, preserving traditional way of life is often a struggle in a world dominated by modern technology. However, cultural heritage does not have to be diminished by technological advancement. They can actually coexist and be made into a positive activity for the youth, the inheritor of this ancestors’ treasure.

The main activities in 2019 under this program include capacity building for the local leaders, organizing the Mesiwah Pare Gumboh festival (which involved around 500 local residents and attracted around 500 visitors) and installing a traditionally carved gate. In particular, the Mesiwah Pare Gumboh festival will be enhanced and continued as an annual event, where visitors can even stay in Liyu Dayak village for three days to get the first-hand experience of their way of life and enjoy ecotourism.

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