Governance Sustainability

Economic Development

Improving People's Livelihoods

Adaro Indonesia helps ensure the general economic health of South Kalimantan communities where it operates through targeted initiatives to encourage self-sufficiency.

Adaro Energy continues to invest a great deal of efforts and financial contributions to upgrade the living condition of the communities surrounding the operational locations of its subsidiaries.

Local MSME Development Program

Objective: to help upgrade farmers’ welfare and sustain their source of living.

Besides creating job opportunities for the local community members, AE’s operations have also created abundant economic opportunities in the area. Numerous MSMEs have been established to benefit from all things the company has developed, and after many years of supporting the MSMEs with business facilities and mentorship on business operations, now the company is facilitating them to expand into a bigger scope of the provincial and national levels.

AE has helped the local MSMEs by establishing better administration, building marketing outlets (Pokta and Link-B) and branding their products, as well as to bring their products to SMESCO in Jakarta, an MSME cooperative body that promotes Indonesian products in the national and international levels.

In 2018, AE’s MSME mentorship program included 85 MSME groups, an increase from 64 groups in 2017, indicating that the company’s MSME activities had inspired more local entrepreneurs.

Mentorship Program for Rubber Farmers and Organic Farmers

Objective: to help upgrade farmers’ welfare and sustain their source of living.

This program benefits the rubber farmers and organic vegetable farmers in the Adaro Group’s operational area. Since capacity building is the main objective of this program, the farmers are encouraged to form farmers groups so that they can increase their income not only from harvesting but also from providing farming supplies like fertilizers and plant foods. AE also provides the end-to-end support for their farming activities by providing the materials and necessary expertise, from land preparation to harvesting.

In 2018, AE help the establishment of one cooperative body and one rubber material processing and marketing unit for the rubber farmers and three organic vegetable farmers groups.

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