Health Improvement

Bringing a Better Quality of Life

Programs to support new mothers in the care of their babies are part of our community-based health initiatives.

We contribute to efforts to improve community health through various programs aligned with Indonesia’s Millennium Development Goals as established by the World Bank and other targets set by the government. Our health improvement programs begin with the simple premise that health standards are strongly connected to local lifestyles and cultures.

Clean Water Supply

Objective: to improve clean water access of the communities surrounding the operational location

Clean water distribution activities to the surrounding communities included the installation of 55 household water connections in the Balangan district and 235 household water connections in the Tabalong district, and the distribution of 22,525,000 liter of clean water produced by AI’s water treatment facility (WTP T-300) to eight villages in the proximity. This is an essential move to enhance their health condition and support the achievement of the universal access to water in 2019.

Cataract Blindness Eradication

Objective: to restore vision deteriorated by cataract

In 2017, AE funded the cataract surgeries of 338 people who fulfilled the criteria of economically disadvantaged, fit for surgery and domiciled in the villages near the operational location. This program has improved the life quality of the beneficiaries and their families as they can return to be independent and productive. Additionally, it contributes to the government program to reduce cataract blindness on the island of Kalimantan.

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