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Corporate Secretary and Investor Relations Policy

As 35% of its shares are held by the public, AE strives to maintain its corporate credibility and strengthen investor confidence by being transparent and by providing timely, updated, accurate and adequate information regarding the company’s business, strategic and financial development.

The Corporate Secretary & Investor Relations Division has issued a Corporate Secretary & Investor Relations Policy to be in compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations. This policy provides general guidelines to the Corporate Secretary & Investor Relations Division related to ensure consistent approaches in the corporate secretary and investor relations activities, including communication with all stakeholders, information disclosure, as well as confidential information.

For full policy, please → click here.

Public Expose

In 2019, AE conducted one public expose to convey its messages and achievements to the shareholders and potential shareholders, as well as to comply with the capital market rules and regulations. The steps were started with the announcement of AE’s intention to conduct public expose made on August 12, 2019, followed by the announcement of public expose materials on the websites of IDX, OJK, and AE on August 21, 2019. The Public Expose was held on August 26, 2019 at the IDX and was attended by 61 participants comprising investors and analysts. AE was represented by its Director, Mohammad Syah Indra Aman, Chief Financial Officer, Lie Luckman, and Corporate Secretary, Mahardika Putranto. After the presentation, attendees were allowed to ask questions related to AE’s operations, financials, future plans, and challenges. The Public Expose was followed by a press conference attended by reporters from printed and online media. The results of the Public Expose were reported to the regulators and the public on August 29, 2019.

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