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Corporate Objectives

1. Business Strategy

    Coal Mining

  • The thermal coal business is still the group’s cash cow so that the mining strategy must be strongly effective as the coal price is still volatile, to generate optimum value.
  • The metallurgical coal business must grow aggressively to diversify the business and increase the contribution to the group significantly.

    Mining Services

  • Focus on consolidating the organization especially for improving executions on site.
  • Only grow internally by taking into account the readiness of the organization and capex, while externally maintain competitiveness in the market (as the benchmark for SIS’s work for the group).


  • Prepare the organization and enhance the competence to operate power plants efficiently.
  • Develop coal-fired and non-coal-fired power plants in Indonesia and Asia.
  • Develop non-coal-fired power plants and learn various alternative energy business models which may have great potentials (future business).


  • Improve the reliability and efficiency of the logistics operations and maximize the value of the coal supply chain.
  • Support AMC’s growth.
  • Develop non-coal businesses, leverage the existing competencies and utilize the group’s assets according to the national logistics development strategies.


  • In addition to supporting the group’s business, each business unit must be self-sufficient and sustainable.


  • A part of Adaro’s social investment to enhance people’s life quality by continuously expand the impacts.
  • Aggressive capacity building and strong partnership building and profitable and sustainable business model.

2. Operational Excellence

     Keep trying to improve Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety (QCDS) through various improvement programs:

  • Implement the Continuous Improvement Program by facilitating the improvement activities carried out by the employees: each department must have QCC/QCP/SS activities.
  • Get all employees throughout the organization to maintain well-organized and clean work place by implementing the 5R principle (translated into concise, clean, neat, care and diligent).
  • Improve productivity and efficiency in a sustainable manner by setting more challenging annual KPI targets (stretch target).
  • Apply Adaro Management System (AMS) to improve productivity and efficiency using the Toyota Production System (TPS) method. Each leader is expected to understand the concept of eliminating “waste” and get hands-on.
  • Achieve zero accident and zero environmental contamination by strengthening the “Zero Accident Mindset” by consistently applying the three standards of Adaro: Adaro OHS Management Standard, Adaro Environmental Management Standard and Adaro Quality Management Standard.
  • Apply effective risk management to minimize the negative impacts and support business continuity.

3. Financial Prudence

  • Generate healthy cash flows and appropriate capital structure to support more aggressive business investments in the midst of uncertain global condition while still maintaining prudent financial management.
  • Maintain good financial reporting according to the prevailing regulations and be a role model for good corporate citizen.

4. Legal Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with all rules and regulations.
  • Manage and maintain rights and obligations, commitment and responsibilities in a proper manner by taking into account long-term interests, to avoid creating a burden against the business in the future time.

5. Community Relations

  • Each company is responsible for developing and maintaining support from the communities (social license) to operate.
  • Design and implement community development programs that are truly necessary and impactful.
  • Ensure that the strategies for implementing and communicating the community development programs are consistent between the group and business unit levels.

6. Winning Team

  • Build “Tough Love” work environment for strengthening employee engagement as the key to success in building the “Winning Team”.

- Create Adaro leaders who are “Firm but Humble”.

- Build good communication with the team, such as through the open talk forum at least twice in a year.

  • Ensure the continuity of the organization by attending to the organization’s efficiency:

- RTC R-3 department level & up: > 80%

- Review the organizational structure to achieve a lean but effective structure.

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