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Dividend Information

According to the company’s Article of Association, dividends may only be distributed in accordance with the company’s financial capability based on the decisions taken at the AGMS. The company will declare dividends with respect to: 1) The operating income, cash flow, capital adequacy and the financial condition of the company and its subsidiaries with regard to reaching optimum growth in the future; 2) The required fulfillment of reserve funds; 3) The company and its subsidiaries’ obligations based on agreements with third parties (including creditors); 4) Compliance with prevailing laws and regulations and AGMS approval.

Since IPO, Adaro have paid a total of USD965 million, with average payout ratio of 38%.

As in the previous years, the company is committed to pay a cash dividend every year to its shareholders. The 2017 AGMS approved a total dividend payment of US$101.1 million, equivalent to 30.2% of the 2016 fiscal year net profit of US$336 million.

On 19th December 2017, the BOD and the BOC decided and approved the resolution to distribute interim dividend of US$100 million for the fiscal year 2017. The interim dividend was paid to the shareholders on 13th January 2018. This distribution of interim dividend will be re-ported to the AGMS in 2018.


Dividend Distributions Since IPO

Fiscal Year Net Income Total Dividend Dividend Per Share Dividend Payout Ratio
2008 IDR 887,198,605,378 IDR 377,434,351,600 IDR 11.80 42.54%
2009 IDR 4,367,251,806,020 IDR 927,592,898,000 IDR 29.00 21.24%
2010 IDR 2,207,312,362,331 IDR 970,773,946,700 IDR 30.35 43.98%
2011 USD 552,102,976 $259,086,293 USD 0.00810 47.08%
2012 USD 385,347,573 $117,068,621 USD 0.00366 30.38%
2013 USD 231,230,611 $75,167,011 USD 0.00235 32.51%
2014 USD 178,161,857 $75,486,870 USD 0.00236 42.37%
2015 USD 152,440,533 $75,486,870 USD 0.00236 49.52%
2016 USD 334,623,054 $101,075,640 USD 0.00316 30.21%


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