President Director and CEO of Adaro Energy: “2×30 MW Mine-Mouth Power Plant to Commission by End of This Year”

October 4, 2012, 1:32 pm | Admin


President Director and CEO of PT Adaro Energy Tbk., Garibaldi Thohir said that the 2×30 MW mine-mouth coal fired power plant built by Adaro in Tabalong District, South Kalimantan is planned for commissioning by the end of this year.
“We will commission a unit from this 2×30 MW power plant later this year. This power plant is located adjacent to Adaro’s mine, a mine-mouth power plant,” he said on the sideline of Mining and Energy Day at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jakarta, on Tuesday (2/10).

He also mentioned that Adaro has several power projects in the pipeline with the following capacity: 2×30 MW, 2×1000 MW, and 2×100 MW. He further added that the 2×1000 MW power project is still ongoing.

“We are processing land acquisitions, and thankfully we already obtained the location permits, as well as permits from the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. We are now processing the environmental permits. Afterward, we will speed up with the project,” he said.

To note, Adaro is constructing a 2×30 mine-mouth coal fired power plant through its subsidiary Makmur Sejahtera Wisesa with a total investment of US$160 million. This power plant is going to replace diesel generators currently used by Adaro. This power plant is also one of Adaro’s efforts to meet electricity demand in South Kalimantan, particularly in Tanjung district.

This power plant will use coal from Adaro Indonesia, and will require 52 tonnes of coal per hour for the two boilers. Water requirements for the power plant will be using mine-water from Adaro Indonesia’s mine, approximately 350 cubic meter per hour.


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