PT Adaro Energy Tbk is the first company in Indonesia to implement Microsoft SQL Server 2012

May 3, 2012, 10:51 am | Admin

PT Adaro Energy Tbk, Indonesia’s second largest thermal coal producer, operator of the largest single coal mine in Indonesia, and a significant supplier to the domestic and global seaborne thermal coal market, has chosen to implement Microsoft SQL Server 2012, the next version of Microsoft’s industry leading cloud-ready information platform.

Higher efficiency in producing data reports and analysis, business intelligence, and long-term experience with SQL Server are the key advantages that led to the company’s strategic decision to adopt Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

“We chose Microsoft SQL Server 2012 for multiple reasons, and one of them is the 90% efficiency gains that we achieved through using the superior Business Intelligence capabilities,” said Devindra Ratzarwin, Corporate Secretary, PT Adaro Energy Tbk. “The next reason is long-term experience and familiarity with the product, having implemented various iterations of it since version 2000.”

With several office sites, covering administrative matters and mining area, PT Adaro Energy Tbk urgently needed a system which can efficiently help its employees for reporting and data analysis used for decision making process.

Devindra Ratzarwin also mentioned, “By using SQL Server 2012’s real-time data analyzing and visualization capabilities, PT Adaro Energy Tbk can increase their productivity and get information, much faster and more accurate. SSIS utilization for automatic data importing also gives significant impact to eliminate data re-entry.”

Prior to using SQL Server 2012, PT Adaro Energy Tbk had been using SQL 2008. Later in November 2011, rapid development program to implement SQL Server 2012 started. On December 2011, rapid development program started, assisted by one of Microsoft’s business partners, Ebiz Cipta Solusi.

PT Adaro Energy Tbk also received full support from Microsoft Services Consulting in design process and architecture planning for the business intelligence system. PT Adaro Energy Tbk also integrated Business Intelligence solutions on SQL Server 2012 with Adaro Energy’s internal portal.

“We are using SharePoint as our internal portal, and we integrated our Business Intelligence solution that we developed on SQL Server 2012, to our internal portal,” added Devindra.

OLAP & OLAP Tabular Business Intelligence implementation PT Adaro Energy Tbk tries to simplify and route the reporting system to help to analyze and build decision.

This is because the OLAP modeling and SSIS, SSAS, SSRS interaction on SQL Server 2012 can be done easily, which allows PT Adaro Energy’s Information Technology (IT) team to control company current condition.

In addition, PowerView feature in Business Intelligence solution helps the analysis process required by the decision making process.

With an integrated architecture of data warehousing, OLAP and reporting can shorten the time of building weekly report from 1-2 days to 1-2 hours.

Devindra also said, “Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is expected to increase productivity by minimizing manual data reentry which thereby increase the portion of daily tasks analysis, reduce non-standard manual reports, increase transparent inter-departments, and raise employee awareness to their work process, before and after.” The next plan of PT Adaro Energy Tbk is to expand its Business Intelligence solution into a larger data warehouse.

Devindra admitted, “Even our IT team is new to data warehouse.

Therefore, the IT team would like to prove that Business Intelligence solution can be easily deployed and developed into a data warehouse solution.

“PT Adaro Energy Tbk is realizing the value that Microsoft SQL Server 2012 brings to their operations in helping them meet the specific needs of their own industries,” said Andreas Diantoro, President Director, Microsoft Indonesia.

“As global business climate is becoming much more complex and competitive Microsoft technology is simplifying and integrating processes to enable businesses to accelerate their growth and fully employ their competitive advantages.

With PT Adaro Energy Tbk, a long-term customer of SQL Server, we are confident this implementation will help them in achieving their business objectives.”

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