Australia's North Queensland coal exports slump to 22-month low in Feb

March 8, 2019, 7:20 pm | Admin

Sydney — Exports of coal from North Queensland, Australia, plummeted in February as the region's coal chain faced industrial action and weather-related issues, data from North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation showed Thursday.

There was a total of 8.92 million mt of coal shipped from the three terminals in Queensland's north during the 28-day month, which is the weakest monthly total in 22-months.

Coal shipments were down by 20% year on year from 11.40 million mt and 28% month on month from 12.47 million mt, NQBP data showed.

Apart from April 2017, when the coal chain was impacted by a cyclone, it's the lowest monthly total in multiple years.

The total was made up by exports from the Abbot Point, Dalrymple Bay and Hay Point coal terminals.

The Adani-owned APCT's exports in February fell to just 1.47 million mt, down 36% year on year from 2.29 million mt and 21% month on month from 1.85 million mt. It's the least exported from the terminal in a single month in 59 months, according to the NQBP figures.

The BHP Mitsubishi Alliance's Hay Point Coal Terminal shipped 2.98 million mt during the month -- also the lowest since April 2017 -- which was down 20% year on year from 3.85 million mt and down 27% month on month from 4.08 million mt in January, it said.

The common-user Dalrymple Bay terminal shipped a year-low of 4.48 million mt, down 13% from 5.13 million mt in February last year and 31% less than the 6.53 million mt seen in January, NQBP said.

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