Coal production expected to exceed this year's target

December 28, 2018, 7:43 pm | Admin

Indonesian coal production reached 456 million tons up to Thursday or 94.02 percent of this year’s total target of 485 million tons, according to Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry data.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Agung Pribadi, estimated that this year’s production would exceed the target.

He explained that up to the end of November, production had reached 441 million tons and another 15 million tons were produced this month up to Thursday.

“Meanwhile, the coal that was sold through the domestic market obligation (DMO) scheme, had already reached 105 million tons up to the end of November. And up to the end of this year, the figure will reach 115 million tons,” he said.

It means that coal exports in the first 11 months reached 336 million tons -- the total production up to the end of November minus the domestic consumption through the DMO scheme.

Initially, this year’s coal production target was 406 million tons as stated in the national mid-term development plan (RJPMN) for 2015 to 2019, but the ministry later revised the target to 485 million tons to try and get more foreign exchange. (bbn)

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