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Job responsibilities

  • Promote K3LH systems and procedures to improve compliance with applicable procedural requirements.
  • Ensuring the K3LH management system is implemented in every production process by the company internally and by the contractor / subcontractor so as to create a safe work situation and avoid work accidents that can cause harm to the company.
  • Investigating work accidents and non-conformities that occur in the work area is carried out properly and correctly to get the root cause of the problem so that corrective and preventive measures are taken as well as appropriate recommendations so that similar accidents do not recur.
  • Socializing related K3LH issues is carried out routinely through internal safety bulletins and K3LH meeting forums to increase awareness of K3LH in the work environment.
  • Make and submit a K3LH implementation report to be submitted to the Management.
  • Make UPL / UKL reports and K3LH reports reported to the government periodically to fulfill obligations to the government.
  • Ensure that the programs that are running in the security management system are running as they should so as to create safe and conducive working conditions both to avoid security disturbances.

Job requirement

  • Minimum education is D3 K3 / Engineering / Nursing
  • Experience in the same position for at least 2 years
  • AK3 Certified (K3 Expert) General
  • Inspector Skill
  • Audit skill
  • K3LH Knowledge (preferably certification)
  • Preferably have Basic HSE certification (FF, FA, CSA, DGC)
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December 31, 2019

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