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Job responsibilities

Responsible for the process of incoming and outgoing supplies (coal, sand, limestone) to support the operational need of the Power Plant.

· To execute the activities of receiving supplies (coal, sand & limestone) to ensure the process complies with the established procedure.

· To execute weighing of material and solar vehicle that enters the plant using the computerized system before the unloading process to ensure the data recorded precisely and accurately.  

· To execute the weighing of the material and solar vehicle that will come out from the plant using a computerized system before the unloading process to ensure the data recorded precisely and accurately.  

· To input data of coal material cargo (the total amount of loaded vehicle/truck minus the total amount of empty vehicle/truck) into the manual or maximo system to make the cargo amount accurately recorded.

· To execute the issuing of coal material based on the material request (MR) from operation team in maximo system to make the coal material issuing documented precisely.

· To make coal ritase report daily, weekly and monthly, and to communicate with related parties to make the documentation and information about coal ritase can be documented and informed to the involved parties.

· To make presentation achievement report between coal estimation order (WCO) and the actual coal delivery (ritase) to ensure the presentation achievement recorded precisely and accurately.

· To make sure that the coal material stock is well-kept to avoid loss stock.

· To execute physical checking process of the coal material stock monthly to monitor and compare between the actual and the recorded stock.

· To execute daily housekeeping and 5R program in the working environment to generate a clean and neat environment.

· To execute documentation/filling for every reports/document in the coal material reception stage for clear documentation.

Job requirement

  •         Minimum Diploma Degree (D3) from any major
  •         Minimum 2 years of experience in the same field
  •         Good command in English both verbal and written
  •         Willing to be located at Tanjung, Kalimantan Selatan
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Closing date
May 31, 2019

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