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Job responsibilities

Analyze the calculation of corporate tax liability in relation to transfer pricing and compile transfer pricing documentation, and provide recommendations on emerging issues to minimize the risk of transfer pricing within the Adaro Group.
  • Analyze affiliate transactions, taking into account the objectives of the project that is associated with the risk of transfer pricing that might arise, in order to obtain risk mapping that can be used as a recommendation material to the Business Unit within the Adaro Group.
  • Conduct a transfer pricing analysis requested by Business Unit based on data and / or information provided with regard to the interests of Adaro Group and in accordance with applicable tax laws, in order to provide appropriate and accurate recommendations.
  • Analyze affiliate transaction method listed in the Income Transaction Form of the Corporate Income Tax Assessment so that a recommendation of the most suitable method that is appropriate for the affiliated transaction can be made.
  • Prepare and conduct analysis that is related to transfer pricing documentation to ensure the documentation is in accordance with the applicable tax regulations so that the report of transfer pricing documentation can be done accurately and on time.
  • Support and prepare data and documents required by the DJP and IRAS (Inland Authority of Singapore) for APA (Advance Price Agreement), and it is expected that the APA agreement can be approved and prepare APA annual compliance report so that the fulfillment of obligations Bilateral Advance Pricing Agreement application can be done accurately and on time.
  • Always be updated and informed about tax evolves in both transfer pricing and others, as well as taking into account cases and / or issues to be discussed as a subject of relevance to the Adaro Group.
  • Accompany and prepare required data that was questioned during the tax audit conducted by the DJP in relation to affiliate transactions in order to reduce the findings of transfer pricing issues at each annual audit by the DJP.

Job requirement

  • Bachelor Degree from Fiscal/Taxation/Accounting
  • Have 3 years experience as Transfer Pricing, preferably from Public Tax Firm
  • Have strong competencies in transfer Pricing Method & Analysis, Transfer Pricing Documentation, Tax Policy & Procedures, Tax Regulation, and Financial Analysis.
  • Have certification in Brevet A & B and Transfer Pricing
  • Fluent in English is a must
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February 28, 2018

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